The Festival of Navratri is a 9-night festival which honours three goddesses of the Hindu religion: Durga, the goddess of valor; Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth; and Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge.  All are incarnations of the Goddess Shakti, the Goddess of power and strength. During these nine nights, devotees perform Garba dance in front of the deities to show their devotion and obtain blessings.

GSBC organizes the largest Navratri Festival in Vancouver. Puja veneration is performed daily, followed by garba and dandiya raas dancing.

Date: September 22-23

Location: Riverside Signature Hall 13030 76 Ave, Surrey

Puja 7:00pm

Garba 8:00pm

Aarti 10:00pm

Dandiya Raas to follow


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